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Designer Furniture Best Offer
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Furniture Club is providing Customised Furniture shop in Singapore. Find the Modern Luxury and Italian Furniture at affordable price. For more detail visit at:
Mar 29,2014

How True Artificial Grass is Really Eco-friendly Artificial green grass has come a long way since the time of the thin green carpets that used to cover concrete. These days, there are huge artificial surfaces made from rubberized bases and polyurethane fibers that provide a realistic look and the feel of natural green grass. Technology and science have made it possible to make an artificial turf look...
Mar 27,2014

How to Install Decon’s Synthetic Grass 1. Clear all the weeds, existing grass and plant material from the area. If you want to use equipment to make the job easier, use a sod cutter instead of a tiller; a tiller can disturb dormant weed seeds and create more of an issue down the road.  If you use a nonselective herbicide to kill off the existing lawn or weeds, use it responsibly and according to the...
Mar 27,2014

Kozzi Designers Please Contact
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At Kozzi Designers we provide ourselves on quality. We are one of the leading interior design and renovation companies across Singapore and we offer a full and comprehensive range of services at an affordable price. You no longer have to choose between quality and price. With Kozzi Designers you get the best of both worlds. Whatever your need is we are confident that we can deliver on...
Mar 17,2014

Various kind of sofas are available here at very affordable range of prices.A unique collection of beautiful and amazing collection of sofas that will surely make your home look so good which will reflect a unique and amazing appearence to your guests.We are one and only one sofa shop in singapore that have ultimate collection of various kind of sofas. 121 Genting Lane #02-02 S(349572)Tel: +65 6746 3302 ...
Dec 27,2013

Furniture Club is the best online shopping Company in Singapore. It offers a wide range of luxurious sofa gathering giving you unique style without compromising the relieve of living. For more elements visit us on:
Dec 26,2013

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