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Our fastest successful result for toilet training is within 15-30 min or overnight! Dogs that has behaviours or health or bad habits problems, which is cause by wrong training earlier by owner or other trainer, it may take sometime for owner to see the result, some can be solve in a few days, some will take weeks or months depend on how serious the problem(s) is !    The best time to toilet train...
Dec 18,2014

Easy, Quite, Safe and painless electric nails grinder (filing) Commonly use by dogs’ owner in the US and Europe market.. - Cut your pets’ nail without causing pain/ bleeding - Cut your pets’ nail without causing phobia to you and your dog/cat - NO CRACKING your on your pets nails (hard nails) - Easy to use for beginner with very quite and slow speed nails trimming - Once you are experience and...
Nov 22,2014

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