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Easy, Quite, Safe and painless electric nails grinder (filing) Commonly use by dogs’ owner in the US and Europe market.. - Cut your pets’ nail without causing pain/ bleeding - Cut your pets’ nail without causing phobia to you and your dog/cat - NO CRACKING your on your pets nails (hard nails) - Easy to use for beginner with very quite and slow speed nails trimming - Once you are experience...
May 27,2014

Non toxic, Safe for pets and human! Save hundred and thousand of dollar by replacing low cost battery to re activate the device. Safe for humans, puppies, kittens, pregnant or older pet * Lasts up to one whole year or years with replacement of battery * Non Toxic * Efficient * Convenient * Used world wide Price: $49.00 nett  (product training will be give upon collection) (Pick up at...
May 27,2014

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