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Precious video tape broken or moldy? Well...don't throw it away, we can rejoin and clean your tape for free if you convert this video tape to DVD from us.Don't throw the tape away, 90% can be restored !That will be no charged if the tape is unable converted to DVD.Please call 65-90660631 for services in Singapore.Video/Audio Conversion Services in Singapore : * Camcorder/Handycam/Viewcam/VCR Video Tape...
Jul 23,2014

The camera has been designed after listening to photographers needs and offers performance better than the D3s in low light, with an increased pixel count, lower noise at high ISO settings and increased dynamic range. The camera features improved subject detection and tracking. The Nikon D4 also offers the best video output of all Nikon Digital SLRs to date, with Full HD recording, 20 level adjustments for...
Feb 28,2014

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